Dear Readers,

It's been a busy summer, with family, friends, and travels. I've had some wonderful experiences sharing Angel with readers of all ages, and have been so pleased to see her on Amazon's Top 100 for Literary Fiction for weeks at a time. Thanks to all of you who have "liked" my Mary E. Kingsley Facebook page and put reviews up on Amazon and Goodreads. All of these things increase my online exposure exponentially, which these day is the name of the game!

Many of you are familiar with the blogs I've been writing over the past several months. The topics have varied between musings on the writing life and every day experiences, to chronicles of my travels and meetings with readers such as you. Look for blog entries featuring life at Three Graces Farm, our family's newest adventure and my writing retreat! Just over a half hour's drive from our home in DC, it is the perfect tranquil space for working on the next book.

I've included here some pictures from some recent and upcoming posts. If you have not been receiving the blogs and would like to do so, I would love to get them to you. I do need for you to sign-up via my website, because bloggers (including me!) cannot add your name and address -- it's up to you!

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Over the next couple of months, I'll be attending book clubs and events in Tennessee, Virginia and Pennsylvania. I've been chosen as a Regional Author for the annual Dahlonega Literary Festival in Georgia, to be held in mid-November, and invited to be a featured author for the 171st Anniversary celebration of the Otto Bookstore in Williamsport, PA. In addition, I'm happy to announce the completion of a new piece that will show up on Amazon (hopefully) before the end of this year. All the Pieces is a novella, which will be available as a "Kindle Single" to eBook readers. I will keep you posted as this project progresses.

With gratitude and thanks for all your support and interest. I promise more good things to come!

Mary E. Kingsley
  History with ANGEL

With the Washington Nationals in the playoffs, Washington is buzzing with baseball energy. So what was happening in the baseball news in the fall of 1973? Fans in east Tennessee who could pull in Al Michaels and Joe Nuxhall on the radio were excited that the Cincinnati Reds won the National League West, while every teenage girl had a crush on Johnny Bench. So, in addition to baseball on the radio, what was the connection between Cincinnati and the South? During the Depression, and for decades afterwards, when jobs dried up in southern Appalachia, many people traveled north for work. Because of family and cultural ties there evolved a connection between the two regions. And where were the Nats? In 1973, Washington had no major league baseball team, the second iteration of the Washington Senators (circa 1961) having moved to Texas in 1971 to become the Rangers. Our current Nats, the only National League team to have never appeared in a World Series, moved to D.C. in 2005.

The Grotto of Lourdes, Emmitsburg, MD (See Side Trip at

Chatting with Betsy Rider, owner of Otto's Bookstore in Williamsport, PA., now celebrating 171 years of independent bookselling. (More to come on Otto's and the upcoming celebration in November!)

Sunset at Three Graces Farm (see First Day at