Luna–A Time Short and Sweet

Luna 7/7/14-7/30/14

Luna 7/7/14-7/30/14

Yes, we had to let go of our baby calf, Luna. She’d had a rough start and her immune system just wasn’t up to the task of fending off one infection after another. As I said goodbye yesterday, she leaned her head against me and licked my hand in a way that she hadn’t before. I took it as reassurance that somehow she knew we’d done everything we could and was happy for the last nineteen days that she got to spend with us–making friends with an old horse, lying in the flowers in the afternoon sun, running with the dogs –and perhaps she was letting me know it was all okay.

It was a quick and peaceful passing, and soon the sun was setting into a perfect summer evening.

Friends came over.








We ate hot dogs and ice cream and slapped the bugs, and in the growing shadows and laughter of children playing in the grass—doing summer things like squirting the hose and chasing the dogs,

photo 4







and catching fireflies in the twilight photo 3


–there was lots of joy, which there should be on a night like this, because all of it—summer and childhood, a flower’s bloom, raising children, time with friends, all the seasons of life, and  even Luna’s stay with us, all of it is so deliciously and achingly—short and sweet.


  1. Jemille Williams says

    I’ve been meaning to enquire after her little preciousness. I could tell that runny eye didn’t bode well. How lovely that she got to know some joy before she transitioned over. I would say this is one of the great deeds of your life. Resquiat in Pacem, Luna.

  2. Laura Jernigan says

    Your words of “all the seasons of life being deliciously and achingly short and sweet” bring me to tears. So true!

  3. says

    This one was difficult and I know time has passed, but you have my sympathy. I lost my cat of 22 years last October and still have daily lapses. A short life, but warm and comforting. You and your husband just shot up on my respect-o-meter!

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