My Brother, the Captain


Capt. Jefferey R. Jernigan, USNR

Capt. Jernigan and His Wife, Carol

Capt. Jernigan and His Wife, Carol

We were so grateful to be present for the ceremony in Knoxville, TN  celebrating my brother’s retirement from the US Navy Reserve. Capt. Jefferey R. Jernigan served as an anesthesiologist in the Medical Corps for over twenty years, and served six months of active duty in Iraq in 2007.

Here he is holding the flag that was flown over the White House in honor of his service, and here’s another one of him presenting his wife Carol with a bouquet in appreciation of her unwavering support over all these years. He was really smart to marry her, by the way.

My Brother, the Captain

Me With My Brother, the Captain

Being in the USNR required that he spend one weekend each month and two weeks per year away from his family, and that’s in addition to being a full time anesthesiologist in the civilian world. Besides all of this, they raised two children and are now grandparents twice over, so Carol really deserves those flowers! Now he can go back to being “just” a busy doctor–and fishing buddy to his grandson Wally.

In his remarks, Jeff quoted John F. Kennedy with these words. “Any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction, ‘I served in the United States Navy,’ ”  adding that it was “an honor and a privilege” to serve his country in the Medical Corps. Knowing my brother, these are more than just words in a speech. In our family, we all understand how true this has been for him, how he has taken this duty to heart for over two decades, and as one who knows and loves him well–I am so proud!

P.S. Click here to see Jeff in “uniform” way back when, and here to get a glimpse of his early interest in high seas adventure!

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  1. Bill Jones says

    What a great tribute to Jeff and Carol. A big congratulations is in order.
    We know and love him also as well as Carol and the whole Jernigan clan! Lida & Bill

  2. Jemille Williams says

    Congratulations to both of them. We all know that military spouses (and in some extent their mothers) are also serving in the background. I hope he feels a woosh of extra time into his schedule, in order to fully enjoy life more!
    As you were, sir!

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