Heaven on Earth–The Feast of the Assumption

In the summer of 2004  I published a book of meditations on the Virgin Mary,  celebrating my own spiritual journey connecting with the Divine through nature. (The Foreword to this work was written by my friend Sue Monk Kidd, author of The Secret Life of Bees). Ten years later, surrounded by animals and plants and immersed in the earth’s rhythm of days… 

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A Simple Grace

I went to let the chickens out this morning and on my way back through the garden, egg in hand, I realized

Luna 7/7/14-7/30/14

Luna–A Time Short and Sweet

Yes, we had to let go of our baby calf, Luna.


Bottle or Bucket?

Baby Luna came to us on the full moon, thus the name. I’ll admit, I’d been thinking about getting a milk cow, but note that thinking about something and actually doing it are totally different.


High Summer

Summer is here, and although the pace of life at Three Graces Farm might be a bit slower than elsewhere, that doesn’t mean things aren’t happening. Here are some highlights.

The Peonies Have Popped

On Leaving

It’s just a short trip, but lately it’s always the same. Leaving to go anywhere gets me feeling all mournful and elegiac, and right now when the garden is just beginning to leap, it’s especially hard to pull away. Everything is so lush and green, the peas are finally starting to blossom, and my peonies… 

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A Pea Seedling--Silent Sermon

Contemplations on a Pea

This is a sprouted pea. A few days ago, it was a perfectly whole fine pea that was, in itself, all that it needed to be. Everything was going just fine in its pea sized life. Then something happened.


Easter Basket Bliss–Naturally Dyed Eggs, Sourdough Challah, Hot Cross Buns, and Blooms!

It all started when our friends asked if I would make some sourdough for the Easter gathering at their home, but then I caught a fever—spring fever!   This is not an illness, it’s actually a wellness, which means


The Chicken Who Went to Church

My little hen, Marbella, had an unusual morning. Instead of waking up to run out of the coop and waddle around in the mud all day, she was whisked out of the pen, placed in a carrier, put in the car and taken to Sunday School to mingle with a dozen or so six to… 

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The Best Medicine

Everybody knows the expression, but far too few appreciate its truth. No one would argue that laughter is a good thing, but what I learned at the Laugha Yoga Leader Certification, held at the Yogaville Satchidananda Ashram in Buckingham, Virginia this past weekend was just how good a thing it really is.  What has long… 

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Rita, the horse

Goodbye, Rita

The two horses Rita and Shiton came with the farm. They’d been living here for quite a while when we arrived, and didn’t have anywhere else to go, so we were happy to let them stay.